UI/UX Designer

I am currently a 4th year student who majors in Computing Science and Interactive Design at Simon Fraser University. In brief, I am a technology guy who loves creating something out of nothing with my skills. What makes me unique from other designers and programmars is I couple my love of codes with good user-centred experience design learnt from my studies into my projects.

Arduino & Processing

Helpstir is a tool of stirring drink for empowering the individuals lacking fine motor skills experience pain performing everyday tasks.

ABOUT Helpstir

2D platformer,branch fold-back game made in Unity. You will play a robot and begin adventure from a scrapyard to find out why you had a amnesia.

Android Studio

A mobile application aims to enhance user's workout experience by locating nearest gymnasiums and tracking daily nutrition intake.

About InSpire
TeaTime VM

Created for simplifying the beverage order process in the bubble tea shop I used to work for as well as enhancing customers’ user-experience.

About TeaTime
Programming Languages

Operating Systems
Design Tools

"A SIAT education combines the science of human experience, the creation of original and experimental works of art, and the implementation of new technologies."